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I just had an explosive rant against this guy on the subject of Batman’s movies. What the fuck is wrong with my life?



…Guess who’s suddenly unemployed for getting baited into an argument and losing his cool?

This guy.

So it’s my birthday today…

…and the whenever someone asks me how old I am today, I’ll just say…

"Old enough to know what Death looks like"


To those that wished me luck today for my final portfolio review this,morning. It went okay I think, I’ll know for sure if I passed or not either Friday or Monday.

I made a few quickies I haven’t posted yet, will do that soon, when I’m not running on two hours of sleep >_>…


…I’m taking my final review in a few hours, which dictates if I graduate or not. I’m kind of nervous because I’m missing a somewhat important document I couldnt get printed, and teachers can be anal about it. I could fail without them looking at my stuff. Or I could fail because they’re in a shitty mood.

I’ve also used up all my financial aid money apparently, so I literally can’t afford to fail.

UGH. Hate my life suddenly.

My friend’s brilliant words of wisdom…

While having a conversation about life dramas, she dropped this gem:

"how about you just go get a girl who will fuck you and not mind fuck you."