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6th June, 2012


To those that wished me luck today for my final portfolio review this,morning. It went okay I think, I’ll know for sure if I passed or not either Friday or Monday.

I made a few quickies I haven’t posted yet, will do that soon, when I’m not running on two hours of sleep >_>…

6th June, 2012


…I’m taking my final review in a few hours, which dictates if I graduate or not. I’m kind of nervous because I’m missing a somewhat important document I couldnt get printed, and teachers can be anal about it. I could fail without them looking at my stuff. Or I could fail because they’re in a shitty mood.

I’ve also used up all my financial aid money apparently, so I literally can’t afford to fail.

UGH. Hate my life suddenly.

5th July, 2011

My friend’s brilliant words of wisdom…

While having a conversation about life dramas, she dropped this gem:

"how about you just go get a girl who will fuck you and not mind fuck you."