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It’s like sexual performance art. To your ears.

Help Ghost Hotel fund the creation and release of our first full-length LP, "Do You Feel It"

A friend of mine is one of the vocalist for this upcoming indie band. They’re trying to put out their first album, but they are in need of funding. If you got some time to spare, you can listen to the full length album available to stream. And if you have change to spare, help them out, they’re half way to their goal!

I have found no love for this song on tumblr.

Ghost Hotel

My friend is the female vocals in this band, and this is their finalized first song for their debut album. It’s pretty good, if you’re into that indie sounding/hipster-ish music.

Drunk Kids (ALBUM VERSION) by Ghost Hotel

If they would just…update their tumblr more often though, it’d be way easier to share the song.


Game of Thrones, the game music.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaa—-?! My mind just blew up in little 8-bit tiny pieces. I miss old school video game music.

This would go great with a beer. Or 4.

Wonder if this will ever reach the “person” it’s meant for. For the record, I love this version better than Sade’s. If anyone knows wtf I’m talking about.