11th July, 2014

Anonymous asks:

What's wrong with the new WW team not wanting to call her a feminist? You can believe in equal rights without identifying as a feminist, in fact there are a lot of incredible female role models who prefer to identify as humanists. People seem to forget that feminism is a belief system and a social movement, it's not just equal rights for women - you can support equal rights for women without agreeing with or wanting to be associated with the rest of feminist ideology.

I dont usually publish these, but I’m making an exception.

Some people send these, and I’m assuming, with the idea that I’m interested in arguing with you and your logic. But the truth is, I’m the least invested person to argue with online. I’m just not invested enough to care about or trying to change anyone’s opinion. It may be the age, or a really deep sense of apathy. Who knows.

I guess, you’re welcome to believe all that, if you must.

29th June, 2014

Anonymous asks:

Hi there love your art!!!! hehe And just love the idea that you drew the disney princesses as kitchen utensils! haha But I was wondering why is Anastasia a trashcan? haha

Thanks! Anastasia being a trash can is witty jab at Don Bluth. This is an inside joke for those who know the history, as well as sarcastic commentary that people often make the mistake that she is a Disney Princess. 

To be clear though I dont think Bluth is terrible. I liked Ferngully a lot.

27th June, 2014

Anonymous asks:

Hi ! I love your work very much ! I followed you on twitter but i'm too shy to say hi so i'm just gonna do it here haha. anyway, I'm a self taught artist and i am struggling with color. Do you have any advice on how to improve on this ?

Thank you! And please dont be, I may seem ranty and bitter over there but I’m actually not that much of a sour person. kind of.

As for your question, I’m not very good at explaining myself, I’ll do my best.

A technique that helped me a lot at first was working in B/W only, just to get used to understanding the value range and not making everything muddy or the same value. With most of that groundwork layed out, I would add quick adjustment/overlay layers of color. I guess one key thing to remember is usually objects way in the back of your composition tend to be cool, not as saturated colors, and as you get closer it’s warmer colors. It’s not a “rule”, and honestly, in real life it doesnt always happens like this

I’d recommend going through the Color and Light book by James Gurney to understand more about color and how light affects it. It’s an incredible book and it has helped me a lot.

If you want to go the extra mile and have some extra cash to spare, CGMA has a ‘Color and Light’ class that’s a bit intense but incredibly helpful. When I took it I was so disappointed at how hilariously bad I was, but I think I’m finally getting the hang of what I learned there, at least I feel like I am.

22nd June, 2014

Anonymous asks:

Hi love your doodles and your style! I'm really curious what markers you use though, like for your people watching sketches, or your true deceive sketches. It's it just a sharpie or like different shades of prisma markers?

Thanks! For sketching and such I use Pilot brush pens (both soft and hard tips) As far as markers go, I use Copic markers. I used to use Prisma, still do at times, but I like the soft brush tip that Copics have. They run a little on the expensive side. The good thing is some of them can be refilled, that way you dont feel bad having wasted so much on markers.